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delta sleep – so say we all lyrics


leave all your thoughts i cause
why not take the route out?
think of words that your mouth once said
where now?
blind and stranded

don’t forget where all this started
see what’s before you how life will adore you will see your (path)

run without looking or searching for things to turn around
run now, while thinking and hoping, for those things could turn your world around

wake the f-ck up!
and find your way to break out of the cycle you’re made to flee from
look! sun shines bright, (we) just might
shake disaster, live thereafter, break out of the cycle you’re found in. the spinning must end!

the cycle is ending, let’s make our way out to the sun before the hours stop. 
if you break disaster, we’ll live ever after in times like these, the times that matter
all wake the f-ck up, and make our way out to the sun before the hour stops
if you break the disaster we’ll live ever after my son