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demon hunter – shallow water lyrics


“shallow water”

remeber the threat from which it was said:
“you will reap every seed that you sow.”
and the tomb where you lay is the bed that you made
be still in the pain that you wrote.
see now, every scar is a choice you make
every choice is a vow you take
take pity upon your fate, you coward!

sleepwalk through heaven’s call, no forest for the trees.
unlearn every step you take, it’ll bring you to your knees.

shallow water
safe from the weight, the burden of sacrifice
sons and daughters, pray for the rain
may it redeem their eyes.

and now we have seen what complacency brings
as the blind are -ssuming the lead.
dig deep in the hole where you buried your soul,
in the river from where it bleeds.

take now your eternal stand before it pulls you in.