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deshawn yeldell a.k.a millyentei orion – i got feelings lyrics


i got feelings
i got feelings
dealing wit’ this sh+t; dat got me krazy, i got feelings, still healing
i haven’t cried; in so long
got me wondering, how it feels; to just cry
i told her, i haven’t been in love; it’s been so long
this da only way i know to get by
i been solid; so long, can’t find no place to be weak
been in this storm so long!
i can’t find peace in my sleep
10 times over;— brokenhearted too many times in da end
it’s f+ck these feelings
lost so much; i don’t know how it feels to win
soul been numb, so long; is happiness even real?
she said she’ll love fa’ ever, but i know dat sh+t ain’t real……
(songwriter: millyentei orion)
(king of my style)⋆

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