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dessa – warsaw lyrics


new single from dessa off of her new “parts of speech” alb-m coming out in
june. i can’t wait to see her and her live touring band play on may, 12th
at local 506!


a wick with no candle
a wheel with no axle
i ride with no saddle
no lift, then i’m dragging the kite

a blade with no handle
a brick for your window
i’m fine but i’m single
a dime and
i’m the same on both sides

you’re a stone-cold killer you say
but you’re looking like a part-time criminal
waive the charade
man, you lay it on thick
it’s a dive bar, save the game
you drink and you sit
easy to please
but hard to impress
i’m in a mood, new shoes, and a bulletproof dress
sugar on the rim and a shot of mescal
man, it’s murder in the morning
but it’s good for morale
can you mortar more
looks like you’re bricking with both hands
get the spirit level
or the skeleton won’t stand
f-ck the plan, man
i’m tryna call an audible
probable lost cause
but i got a thing for long shots
yes, yes, naysayers got the wrong job
best bet when you think they got the wrong odds
and i’ve done some living in a gl-ss house
high note blew the motherf-cking walls off

and i sleep
with both eyes open
standing up
alone and holding
off the rust
and i’m still living by my maiden name
the name i came with
the name i made
and i’m bare-faced at your masquerade
filled a flask up before i came
because night falls
we all wanna hear that fight song
car running like a nylon
brights on
time’s right but the clock’s wrong
never set it, never settle in a time zone
take what i need with me
pray for rain but brace for whiskey
something in the tank, money in the bank
callin it a win we
give a little thanks, give a little back
busy with the grand plan
take one last look
left the bandwagon
for a banned book
to break out you gotta give up the chase
to make love you gotta take off the brace
and we all leave it feeling half done
best you can do is just put a hand up
hope grace and good works in the end add up
find out when the pendulum hangs plumb