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destroying divinity – birth of faceless killer lyrics


stacks of corpses
rotting victims burnt out sight of death
nervous tremors of the dying ones
screams of horrors and desperation

deadly gusts of mind
civilization in decomposition
viral mutation out of parts of sp+ce
metamorphosis in own mind
only madness is the last companion from the inside of wounds

apathetic cases of resignation
interfuse with screams of pain
mutation, defects, infection dilate through us
rats feast remnants of bodies
worms remove stuffs out of bones
carnal h+ll begins

ephialtes matter of fact the end
last days of rule

forsaken by gene evolution
invisible k!ller descants through bodies on
attacked by understanding of existence
creatures move in the streets full of corpses
dominance culminated
a fall into abysses of darkness
dissemination of synthetic k!llers
evil changes face

birth of faceless k!ller
fulfilled dream of liars
message out of obscurity
k!lls right from the dark moorland

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