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destruction of a rose – blame it on the alcohol lyrics


i must confess that i faked it baby, and i wouldn’t be caught dead next to you.
whatever i say tonight, blame it on the alcohol.
this is who i am and what i do. why should i change just to humor you?
you degrade me, you disgust me, you’re the reason for the poison in me.
oh lungs, please don’t fail me now, i’ve been buried alive.
this river has weighted me down, stripped of my pride, blinded my eyes.
you must wear your heart on your back, cause all it took was for you to turn it to see it still had a beat.
feast your eyes upon the madness that is to come.
i’ll spit my rage to the sky, have it rain upon you and hope it eats through every ounce of your tissue.
you ripped my heart out of my chest with a smile on your face.
now i’m here to do the same.