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devasatin’d – call me d lyrics




wait, mr.chaseface
makes fun of peoples names?
let me get this straight;
all your lyrics is paranoid; you type like you haven’t been raised –
with the english language, this guy is a disgrace!
i rarely take rapbattles, but when i do i come up with a dictionary full of rhymes
you’re knowledge of his mother is good, but the deed was a wack -ss try
now go step aside
i got to save a b-tch from drawning before she dies
i take any battle from anyone, i won’t lie
i’mma murder anyone; yeah, catch me csi


calling your self dope is like saying eminem is a joke
telling me to grab a rope and leave you alone?
i will as soon as i put you down beneath all the? dead meat
from butchered mc’s that try to get big with me
i got medals for being a hunter of weak rappers
just like you, they thought they could spit
but i knew in reality they were complete sh-t
so find something else that fits you better
like fixing pc’s you computer expert…

.{sunny lalwai carter}

come on dog you think you all good
i think you came to the wrong neiberhood
with your p-n-s made out of wood
you are giving people splinters
i ain’t scared to pull the trigger
and i might be a wigger
i heard your rap an got sick uhh
wait when when the last time you had a chicka
did you tell me to jump out my runnin shoes
i heard you had a 4 way with nothin but dudes
im done gonna put the mic down
i think you should pack your bags and get out of town
cause dj just showed you how i roll around..


im like a g.i joe
special opps
its all fun n them games until somebody get poped
a hit to the back of? the head is how a n-gga heart stops
if u was comin to play well sh-t wat can i say
theres only one way where im born n raised
stay smokin on that fire
sh-t boy u is a liar
i smoke on dat marley an treat
my hoes like barbies
chillin wid that white girl gotta n-gga feelin narley
f-ckin wid a bad b-tch an she always down to party
n if u plan on gettin sl!ck u betta finish wat u started~kid


yo, i take a rip of the bong, i’m back on the mic
no need to fret, its time to relight
smoke in the air
i have no cares
bigpopz is home and i’m f-cking sh-t up everywhere
dropping mad lyrics, bringing the heat
hot like? the sun, burn you with my solar flares
come at me and thats a dare
u talkin to the host
but i treat you like a ghost
r.i.p. to the haters and now we can toast
blacklisted’p is out and i didn’t even boast

.{sunny lalwani carter}

poppin off at the brain
no wonder people think i’m insane
i’ll c-m inside my hand and continually slap you in the face until you feel no pain
i’ll p-ss on r. kellys face until the world explodes by propane
tell dora to sit on the? train tracks and make boots into a frappe’
slap a baby in its face and tell it to say hey
ask where its rubber ducky went and throw up next to its cage