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dexys – me lyrics



there’s something wrong with me, people don’t respect me,
don’t seem to like me no, they want to hurt me so,
there’s something wrong with me, i can’t let no-one see,
i pretend i’m ok until i find my way,
cos if they see that i’m weak i know what they’ll do to me,
they’ll only hurt me and i know that they will take her from me,
i mustn’t let them know, i mustn’t let it show,
they’ll take the p-ss out of me or talk down to me,
and if she sees she’ll know, cos if i’m weak she’ll go,
well i know what i’ll do i’m gonna be someone,
and then no-one can put me down cos i will be number one,
’cause this is alright, i like this, alright, how’s it going? what’s happening?
yeah!, no i’m alright, is this it? it’s empty man, there’s nothing here
and they will all want from me, and everyone looks at me,
but they wouldn’t know my leave or even speak to me,
and now all these people are depending on me and that man who was my friend,
i think he’s robbing from me,
i don’t know where to go, i don’t know who is friend or foe,
i can’t handle this, i don’t want to handle this, what the f-ck happened?