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die toten hosen – revenge lyrics


you’re sitting in your high castle
looking down at us.
sure that we’ll be happy slaves,
who’ll never make a fuss.

there’s a reverential silence
as millions watch you snore.
live to serve, serve to live.
well, we want something more.

we want revenge.
we want it.
we want it now.
we want revenge.
we want it.
we want it now.

spread the word in every church,
in every little town.
wizard is just a man like us
we’re going to hunt him down.

we’re rolling back the red carpet,
snuffing your candle out.
like you crushed every free-thinker
who dared to raise a doubt.

there’s gonna be a vacancy
and we’d all like the job.
the worms have turned, it’s time you learned
your flock’s become a mob.

we want revenge…

tortures and holy wars,
hatred all around.
we know that you’re responsible,
we’re going to hunt you down.

we want revenge…

an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,
we’ve seen the light and we know the truth.
we want your glory and your power,
vengeance… will… be… ours!

you said we’re all born innocent,
in god’s eyes we’re the same.
but some go hungry and unloved
and it’s you we blame.

we want revenge…