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died – michigan man lyrics


three of my friends
two of them may be dead
finding why you went away
i know what i’ll do

i’ll take your hand
i’ll make you understand
life is like a poker hand
i’ll find my friends
i’ll see them standing there with their hands and their pockets and i’ll say:
“i’ll take good care of you, i’ll make sure everything’s okay
nothing like this is ever gonna happen again”

he’s in his car
he can’t get it to start
drives his car into a car
he don’t know what to do

hospital bed
he cannot move his head
thinks about the mess he’s in
and how’s he gonna pay the bills and when he’s doing the math
the doctor comes in and he says:

“you are okay
we are all okay”

we’ve got a problem
let’s talk it over
we’ve gotta find a way
words to forget about all the things we’ve said
clouding the meaning
dictate the clearing
drawing on the blackboard
backwards and forwards
look at the lines drawn
now let your mind erase

he’s got a concept
he’s got a plan
he’s got a custom
he’s got a gun
he’s got a fortune
he’s got some useful literature
he’s got a problem
he’s got a god