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diggy simmons – electric relaxation lyrics


electric relaxation

relax your self girl, please set-tle down [4x]

okay honey check it out, you know i miss ya vibe
with ya blonde hair and ya thick ol’ thighs
now you can get it all with ya gorgeous face
hey welcome to new york, enjoy ya stay
if i was working at the bar you would not pay
ayoo my man young diggy he got something to say

i like ‘em brown yellow puerto rican and indian
on the way to work, tryna make up a million
a h-llo kitty yo, vanilla interior
now girl stop playing, imma be serious
we steppin’ now now, we touch the town
bbc tees on, she love the style
shawty actin up now, she getting loud
relax yourself girl, please settle down

aoww, you now rockin with the future
let me m-ssage ya mind, i’ll m-sseuse ya
you see the pace just change when i maneuver
ill stimulate ya brain, kama sutra
for now on don’t never leave your girl alone
i’m a young boy but i put it down grown
the cover girl rock stars revlon
if ya hair long i’ma get ya airborne

uhhh yeahh yeah yeah
you wouldn’t relate [x4]

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