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diizii, dante? & ajskells - 4 the record lyrics


[intro: diizii]
right here, it’s a light day, this sh+t regular, you know?
sh+t, they tweakin’
and for the record, you ain’t really feelin’ none of that
diizii, b+tch

[verse 1: diizii]
this sh+t normal, i done seen it, it don’t faze me
and for the record, every record, they gon’ hate me
for the record, you another one of me
wit’ yo’ broke ass, for the record, that’s a hunnid on the seat, b+tch
i can’t really give you what you lookin’ for
sh+t get janky at the bottom, i just want some more
sh+t get envious at the top and i know that, ho
and you mad as a b+tch and you show that, bro
left a voicemail, girl, don’t know if you got it
if shorty want it, girl, i got it, you know that i bought it
get somе motion and just quit it with the talkin’
step on water, dawg, i’m rеally jesus walkin’
just ‘cause you in yo’ city don’t mean that you safe
uh, b+tch, i’m talkin’ benjy franky with this blue face
tell ‘em, “i been up all night,” now i’ma wake ‘em up
tell ‘em, “i’m gon’ hit the sack, but i’ll come back and shake it up”
soon as i seen it, you go and delete it
they stay p+ssy but they claim to be undefeated
let me know if it’s hands or it’s heaters
they stay f+ckin’, b+tch, you be tryna beat her
ain’t no sleeve like i got me on a beater
f+ck you want? b+tch, i’m smokin’ me a reefer
i sipped it all, dawg, i’ma need a refill
for the record, you be cappin’, you ain’t real
for the record, you don’t know how the f+ck i feel
for the record, you ain’t really got no steel
for the record, you ain’t really countin’ bills
for the record, you ain’t goin’ for the k!ll, b+tch
[verse 2: ajskells]
i remember zonin’ out just tryna think of somethin’
maybe i wasn’t ready or somethin’, i just couldn’t stomach
blowin’ smoke and sittin’ under bridges, man, i used to love it
now i’m just tryna figure out why i can’t function at the function
and it’s real, i ‘on’ say my truest feelings ‘less i’m here
when the coast is clear, i grab the mic, yeah, my deepest fear
fear that i ain’t doin’ enough, and even if i did
i just didn’t do me enough, i couldn’t feel this sh+t
drownin’ all my sorrows like my dad, at least he changed his life
i was given blessings and it’s still somethin’ i’m tryna fight
punchin’ at the walls like it’s in there, but it never is
if the genie came and asked for three, i’d give him one wish
that my son be better than me, although, i’m still alive
if i can teach him how to fly, i’ll be okay to die
tryna love myself, i’m gettin’ better every time i try
doin’ it for me but still lyin’ to myself like, “i’m fine”
i was raised a dog, i’m still trained to feed my f+ckin’ ego
and when people say i’m a good person, that sh+t make me feel evil
feel like i’m lyin’ ‘bout somethin’, i can’t f+ckin’ find it
only time i figure it out is when the room is silent
maybe it’s a mistake i did that, and i just can’t recall
for the record, couldn’t remember, so it’s just here i fall
fighting the invisible person who lives inside my head
every time, feed him ‘til he looks down at me like, “you’re already dead”
keep my lines vague, you ain’t know what i really mean
spilled my heart in morse code since i was f+ckin’ seventeen
the kick drum says more truth, that ain’t my f+ckin’ words, dude
tried to live from bird’s view, came off as less of me
the clock tickin’, i’m tryna make my hobbies work now
weight carried on my shoulders starts to take a f+ckin’ burden now
first down, three more, and then it’s out of time tickin’
runnin’ out of lines from my written sh+t, you can’t tell the difference
[outro: dante?]
creating takes up so much time, that you wanna quit this sh+t
it consumes your whole life, makes you miss out on a lot of things
but you still do it because you love it
the money and fame is irrelevant
we do this because it’s part of us
the passion is worth more than the dollar
don’t forget it, never sleep, always awake
the currency ain’t at stake, just the passion to make good music
with that on your mind, you never get tired

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