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dino – never 2 much of u lyrics


there’s never too much of you
the sun goes up the sun goes down
think of you when you’re not around
so i call you up on the phone
you tell me that you’re there all alone

now i know it sounds funny
but i gotta know
if i come right over
can i let my feeling show?
cause you’ve been so good so good to me
you’re the kind of lover i really do need
you’re all i need

there’s never too much of you
just keep all this good love coming
just me giving you love
there’s never too much of you
every day and every night
you’re on my mind

i see you in the morning light
i remember all the good things we shared last night
it’s so wrong so right
i know better than to let you go
i want to have you next to me
don’t you know
don’t you go
don’t, oh

oh girl
i want you
i want to give you all you need
i need you
you know what i need

a friendly love
that’s what you are
i’m wishing on your love on the brightest star
you and me can be this way all the time
and i know if you love me so
i’ll never ever let you go, baby

take my heart
it’s yours
just stay with me
just keep all this good love coming
there’s no way i’m letting you go

you’re my sunshine
you’re my moonlight
you and me
make me feel so right
oh, girl
you make me feel so good
i love you