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dirtie blonde – stay lyrics


strength, i never had much strength
when it came to loving him
change, i don’t do well with change
can’t decipher what is real
i failed to show you how i truly feel
and now you’re going, and i can’t deal
so stay, for me
what do i know?
i’m a make believer
i’m a tyrant
but i’d treat you right this time
you, you always take the punches
you accept it as it comes
and i am good when i am good
but when i’m bad, i’m overbearing and i know
you do the best you can
hardly feeling like a man
throw me down, hit my face, break my back
’cause i can take the physical pain
belittle me in front of a crowd
tell ’em i’m only really half of myself
when they’re around
tell ’em i’m even scared of the dark,
i stay up all night
with the weight of the world on my shoulders
tell ’em i hold the pain of a girl that never was real
a girl that you, you never even knew
oh, i guess i’ve really done it
you won’t look me in the eye
no, don’t tell me that it’s over
i won’t cry, but i will wither up inside
and never be the same
and i’m the only one to blame