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dirty bourbon river show – the jibberish junction lyrics


we got a lazy lullaby rabbit duck clock
we got 17 plants on a table in the living room
we got a pregnant lady on a bicycle
we got a korean man in a bathtub
we got a mexican with a pitchfork
we got 12 lazy drummers in a paper mill
we got a paper mill hiding in a pine comb
we got moonshine that’ll tickle your eyeb-lls
we got gl-ss eyes, pigeon feet, knee boots, and paper clips
we got moss, mold, candy, apples, and a flashlight fish
we got a cactus with a table saw and a missing tooth
we got it all baby, we got it all

hm, shh. you are called to sit down
the first pair of pants i bought in new orleans were funeral pants
musical pocket watch tucked high in my vest
i walk, feet dragging to the right, and to the left (and to the right, and to the left)
i eat a hipster for breakfast, then a bicycle for lunch
maybe one day i will eat an airplane, but synthetic meats just aren’t for me
i like hog salt, alligator sausage and cracklin’s with creole mustard
whipping sauce from my mouth as i watch her write songs
for him writing songs
songs for those capable of honesty and a simultaneous, sinful smile
yes sir, beguiled i do say
it was the strangest of ways, on the strangest of days
until the chips and obstruent colors neared their end then handed the reigns back to the pup-eyes, snowb-lls, sweet green gr-ss
to which lane shall i walk on?
f-ck them both then back to grey?
caught in your smile once again, how can i (how can i?)
i just don’t (just don’t) just don’t know
the man with the funny coat
funny coat man, this sh-t is wild
anamorphic prison bay
mary had a little tiger
and let the tiger put martinis in her soul
tucked inside your everything
tucked inside your everything