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dirty projectors – stillness is the move lyrics


when the child was just a child
it did not know what it was
like a child it had no habits
no opinion about anything

maybe i will get a job
get a job as a waitress
maybe waiting tables in a diner
in some remote city down the highway

after all that we’ve been through
i know we’ll make it after the wait
the question is a truth
there is nothing we can’t do
i’ll see you along the way baby
the stillness is the move

on top of every mountain
there was a great longing
for another even higher mountain
in each city longing for a bigger city

after all that we’ve been through
i know that i will always love you
from now until forever baby
i can’t imagine anything better

isn’t life under the sun just a crazy, crazy, crazy dream?
isn’t life just a mirage of the world before the world, before the world?
why am i here and not over, over, over there?
where did time begin
where does sp-ce end
where do you and i, where do you and i begin?

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