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dirtyfo – wave lyrics


[verse: xfearx]
i get the bag today
getting the money what more can i say
these b-tches ride the wave
think im too c-cky im feeling like gabe
these b-tches wild they come out the cave
fear on my back n0body to save
“b-tch” she a fein i know that she crave
never go basic its all in my name
im going crazy im breaking the chains
somebody show its all on display
call me a b-tch but im not afraid
b-tch im a save its all on my grave
give me a cape cause im feeling brave
all on the phone they thinking im fake
n0body sleeping cause that b-tch a lame
give me the top my d-ck in her brain
im in my zone so get out my lane
b-tches be playing they think its a game
mind as well do it get rid of the pain
it all feel the same nothing will change
shooting the 3
hit in the brain
you b-tches talk but dont know his name
i am a legend i might go insane
light me on fire
i am propane
fanatic 4, im the flame
sh-t getting wicked
feeling strange
you are a fault
you are to blame
im on the outside, i feel exchanged
i am so wild but yet i am tamped
yeah but i am tamped

[verse: dirtyfo]
yeah, they calling me tamped
dirtyfo rob a n-gga for his chain
uh yeah, we do his insane
we rob a n-gga, then we show him we train
ain’t no blood on my name
i been that n-gga ain’t no mamf-cking change

[verse: biggdawwgtj]
i been that little n-gga since that f-cking jugg
now im getting money just rollie my wrist
that n-gga just mad cause i f-cked on his b-tch
i f-ck on her p-ssy she give me a kiss
she suck on my d-ck and shallow my kids
she a little baby
think she need a mamf-cking bib
my n-ggas might smoke a n-gga like a cig
catch him lacking now that little n-gga dead