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disciples of power – chains of reason lyrics


you can’t try to change me just try
your mind is deranged, don’t know why
calculate retaliation, re+evaluate
this course of action
i don’t believe in your chains of reason
abdicate your throne, seed of hate
are sown
got no time for you kind
you will pay, soon someday
chains of reason
invaders come to our land
biting at our feeding hand
enemies we cannot see
infiltrate into our world
soon to fall sacred border
get out now breeding hatred
trapped inside a lie with no return
your time will come and you will burn
lessons taught but never learned
forcе crimes in your mind, the burning past
somehow wе knew you wouldn’t last
burning you out so fast
i won’t try to see things your way
you don’t think i know how to play
mind games rule your world of treason
break and burn these chains of reason
alliance of earth’s destruction
defiant to your corruption