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disciples of power – ice demons lyrics


long ago when the earth was young
the webs of evil were then spun
banished demons forced to show fear
of lords who controlled hemispheres
buried deep inside these icy graves
inch by inch they
scr+ped the holy caves
to be freed from this d+mnation
to redeem their own salvation
confined in this frozen prison
for now they know
their lord has risen
demons of the snow and ice
punished by dark gods of h+ll
wicked death of the antichrist
amongst us all the gods will fall

the power feeds the ice demons
ice demons ice demons

(m w solo)

centuries have long since passed by
inch by inch ice demons will rise
confined in this frozen wasteland
ruled by instinct
and black death’s hand
now they are freed from
icy crypts of snow
the winds of magic
mystic crystal blow
they are freed from
their cave like prisons
wizards fight with magic prisms
the beast is freed to spread its evil
the evil spreads time will now
stand still