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disciples of power – shades of grey lyrics


say goodbye no time to cry
revelations grow near
death to time and all mankind
smashing hemispheres
contact disease down on her knees
writhing in pain
humanoids die in the void
as a race we are maimed
pollute the earth with no rebirth
pollute air land and sea
decapitate mother nature’s late
is so clear to see
starving h++rds pray to false lords
reduced to skin and bone
atomic threat nuclear death
into the shadow zone

shades of grey look more and morе
distinct to me each day vividly

apparent it seems
mankind’s turn to bе extinct redeemed
wars go on no battles won
who will reign supreme? terrorist bomb its limbs are gone
no souls to be redeemed
antibodies victims rotting
still alive, but why?
death infection immune defection
virus born to die
massive death starvation test
pangs that don’t subside
weakening race diminishing sp+ce
as they drop and die
toxic waste and sewage sp+ce
are needed so they say
meltdown towns into the ground
the reactor broke down today