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disfigured - prelude to dementia lyrics


repress the memory of a horrid tribulation
barely escape a murderous bloodline
secluded from the norm, fester you amorality
thriving on the pain the fear in your victims eyes

catatonic solitude inside this darkness
miles away from my victimization
paralyzed by your repulsiveness
my world exist inside this person

mayhem lurks above my being
chaos uproots mental sobriety
piece by piece my mind is torn apart
my battered body cherishing my еvery breath
psychotic rage takеn out upon me
cannot resurge nowhere to run
encaged inside of what was to become
my crypt grotesque/macabre lunacy surrounds me
witness my sanity laid to rest
haunting my existence, your corporal means of
survival/infect my carcass but can never
lay waste my soul/envision vengeance
erratic dreams of your demise

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