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dividing the masses – unworthy lyrics


open the sky
and watch the heavens fall down at your feet
you were never worthy
your life is as pure as the air that you breathe

what made you think you could ever take this for granted?
you’re begging for forgiveness, but do you even know what
it is to repent?
one day you’re at the altar, that night you’re getting
i cant stand the fact that i’m living in an era of
i dont care about the choices you make
what you do with your life is your decision
but at the least do me a favor..
stop lying to yourself
your selfish antics disgrace those who are truly devout
you call yourself a christian?
you say that term as if it alone will save you
try committing to something other than yourself for once
in your life
sure you say it’s true on sundays,
but please just answer me this…

is this your ticket to heaven?