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divisive – infamy lyrics


you make it so god d-mn difficult
living, with purpose
ask yourself “is it mind over matter, or something else?”
from birth they plan to infiltrate our minds
fight this
what do i have to do to show you that we can beat this?
if one could only realize that this generation is f-cked

ask yourself “what is the point in this?”
before on can slowly change his ways
delusions of a false world
guide the eyes of the people to an inconsolable earth
future generations will look back in shame
that our species is stuck on such a primitive idea of currency

this generation’s f-cked
the recycled powers will fail to survive
creating a lack of security
opening the way for absolute impurity
the voices of the m-sses falling on deaf ears
leaving an endless purgatory
counted only by its years
this concept creates exploits to desolate

but if one should fail
another will advance and overthrow
supremacy has conducted the population
you’re just a f-cking face
behind your cloak of demise

through these eyes, the world will bellow
so here’s your f-cking “dear diary”

i’m having trouble seeing clearly
on taking life from these innocent men
i’m f-cking running blind
i see blood left and right
this is torture
this is f-cking genocide

you want my f-cking life?
then step the f-ck up

the orders have been given
bodies falling into the earth
desecrated by our nature
driven by our most dominant dreams

my mind is slowly slipping into hysteria
onward for a blackened win

infiltrate our consciousness
until there’s nothing left
we’re all part of this experiment
forced upon us by our masters

if only for the day, i play god
i play god today