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dizzy wright – time for a change lyrics


what up
dizzy wright n-gg-
i had to turn my mothaf-ckin swag on

(verse 1)
east side vegas where i’m at ho,
took a long time but we comin’ through the back door.
21 young doing anything i want, turned a rap concert to a tat show.
that cold better believe that we gas flows, likable -ssholes
man i’m wilin’ in this b-tch, i’m stylin’ need a couple 100 thousand
i don’t see no haters smiling when i bring funk volume in this b-tch
(hold up)
vegas on the map, made it on the map, when you think of west coast think of dizzy wright n-gg-
put my whole life in this rap sh-t, here ’em talk sh-t that’s the reason i don’t like n-gg-s
i was putting in my ground work, down to earth, sound surfaced to the sound (?)
found the sound now i’m traveling around earth,
smoked a whole pound just to show ’em what the town worth

climbed up in the game, you a lame, i can tell you signed up for the fame(for the fame)
now you might have a name, it’s a shame cause we can see through everything that you ain’t(who you ain’t)
i think it’s time for a change so they left it to a n-gg- like me
so it’s only wright that i give it to ’em real sh-t i’m tryna make you think so it’s easier to live (so i tell em like)

(verse 2)
if it’s hot then it’s probably this, marijuana where the party is
i’m so out of the loop, i talk sh-t when i walk in the booth, and hit a hater with a hockey stick
i got a problem with the hoes, low key hoes proud of being hoes,
hide behind your prada that’s what bothers me the most.
say she ain’t easy, money make her come so she try to see me and i don’t be acknowledging the hoes
poppin’ up for shows, gettin’ dough, signed a couple autographs and hit the door n-gg- what(n-gg- what)
you be on that sucka sh-t, hit the club, hump a b-tch, take a b-tch home and you can’t get it up (get it up)
young n-gg-, i’m one n-gg-, i don’t like thirsty -ss b-tches that want n-gg-s
me i’m on some sh-t as hot as the sun n-gg-, dumb figures is gettin me through to the dumb n-gg-s (like)


(verse 3)
tatted, they don’t really wanna hear my voice,
no choice i’m the hottest n-gg- doing it
only being confident cause i ain’t politic my progress
do it big i don’t give a f-ck who it is. 1990 hooligan, finna shoot again
i’ma get it in till they do me in
i told my n-gg-s that i want the whole bank, put the gas in the tank
and tell all the homies scoot it in
b-tch we headed to the top ho, top floor we could lock doors, lowkey cuz the cops close
we down, we got smoke, never with the drama, do a show then we outro(letem know)
told vegas i was down for it, constant sessions didn’t lounge on it,
heard em hating but i’m too busy to be around for it
now i’m certain that these n-gg-s certain, cause me i am perfectly perfect with all of my verses
i tell em like