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dj violence – pimpin’ still goin’ on lyrics


[verse 1: shawty pimp]
keep my finger on the trigger cause a n+gga can’t be actin’ me
b+tches swear to god, thinkin’ that sh+t is a threat to me
walkin’ up to me, with a motherf+ckin’ weak limp
all hail b+tch, no, never motherf+ckin’ pimp
known as a playa on the women cause i got clout
if he test my pimpin’ then i gotta take his ass out
no doubt, suckas try to clown on a young n+gga
heard that i’m slangin’ then y’all bust a n+gga bank
n+gga reachin’ for my glock, then i put a bullet in his chest
h+ll done did the rest, tragic [?], then yo ass confessed
creepin’ down the street, saw the police on my license plate
thinkin’ that a n+gga don’t know, b+tch i got it bad
callin’ mе a pimp, bet you think that i don’t know what’s here
now thеy wanna pull me over, d+mn, bust and shoot trick
through your throat, [?]
c+ck my 9. back, now i’m shootin’ at they ass g
caught they ass slippin’ on the edge of they f+ckin’ life
shawty pimp and spade trill and we keepin’ sh+t tight
left the scene quick, yeah that’s the smart thang to do
takin’ care whoever cause we gotta keep on gankin’ fools

[verse 2: mc spade]
it’s that n+gga mc spade finna make and break a b+tch
smack a hoe upside her head and let her know my pimpin’ thick
she gon’ try to make it look as if you goin’ out like a hoe
never think twice bout a b+tch cause when you pimpin’ then you know
don’t get caught up in no women, b+tches try to get yo head
make and break and take that hoe and have that hoe stack in your bread
rearrange the situation, go lock your door and think before
always stay a step ahead, and make her make your cash flow
get that b+tch a beeper n+gga, keep that hoe up on the call
let her know that what you seeing is going be best for both of y’all
take the money, leave her hanging, pimp that b+tch and get your sh+t
think that b+tch gon’ get my money, mane f+ck that sh+t my n+gga please
runnin’ game is what i do because pimpin’ make my p+n+s big
disrespect my pimpin’ n+gga i’m gon’ have to split your wig
see i’m pimpin’ making my money, making them b+tches that’s my jewel
get your hoe up out my face, cause i’m gankin’ these fools

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