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dna – 1 take, 0 mercy lyrics


-i wrote this song to an entirely different beat originally, and one day i made a trip to juliano’s lab in fredericton to visit and lay down some vocals, when he pulled out this raw royce da 5’9″-type instrumental and i just went all-out on the sh-t. we dubbed the track “1 take, 0 mercy” since i did the entire 5-minute verse in one take, no overdubs, no ad-libs, no cuts, no hook, no structure, with a raw ending of me getting rather tongue-twisted on my own words and cursing out juliano for “wanting me to do the whole thing in one take, you -ssh0l-” – so we just left it that way; monark walked in the studio just as i was finishing up, and he suggested upon first playback listen that we keep it raw, the way it was.-

dna – “1 take, 0 mercy” – lyrics

i look for comfort, but i’m comfortable though
i used to compress stress, ‘fore i admitted i
committed every single common sin upon the friggin’ globe
i used to come plain, now i come original
rhythm in my flow; somethin like a tap drippin
monkey in the middle going apesh-t, mad vicious
cab sittin on the corner
meter goin uppp like a b-n-r while i’m waitin’ on wynona
i’ve known her, about a year or so before i boned her –
her name’s wynona cuz i ride’er (ryder), well no, i rode her
v-g-n-, slid up inside her while watchin oprah
the shock from the varying degrees, not deformers
police pull quarters out an okeydoke informer
holy smokes like a organ donor for lymphoma
snoring like a motorboat, comatose a roamer
i telephone a homeowner i know in oklahoma
a stoner from kelowna couldn’t mask my aroma
i spaz like a soldier with a bipolar molar
contract melanoma while visiting sarasota
the odor marijuana, sell/cell like motorola
rolling oats like its granola full of ebola
hol’ up, shoulder colder than soda like coca-cola
known as a high roller with 3 strikes like a bowler
tomato/tamato, parabola/parabola
baloney or bologna? i couldn’t say for sure but
this world is cold so i’m staying hooded like a cobra
i stole a solar-powered gondola without a rower
stranded in the atlantic alone with a can of okra