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dolla bill (mi) – trapped // own dreams lyrics


[part 1: trapped]

in the nightmare
trapped in the nightmare
living in a nightmare
stuck in the nightmare

trapped in a nightmare
here for so long got white hair
in the nightmare

just to cope with this life, took some years off of me
man i dropped out, i said f+ck a degree
found peace, by claiming that there is no peace
lived a nightmare for a year right off of north street
got lost in the lights, felt safe in the dark
stopped filming the scene, got lost in the part
introduced to an out, eight months in awe
got hooked on a feeling too dense for the heart
locked inside the house, but this house not a home
not for a lost kid, tryna live like a stone
though the talent was there, there was nothing to show
in search for that crowd, but left all alone
(uh) left with a chase for the city
dreams of the fast lane, calendar busy
stuck in a place where those seemed out of reach
so the future on hold for week after week
(uh) dreams turn to a nightmare
don’t let ’em age take the shot while you there
’cause you can get trapped in the search
losing yourself is the pain that hurt worst
in the nightmare
living in a nightmare

[part 2: own dreams]

i had a dream then woke up and chased my own dreams
’cause when i want it ain’t a single thing can hold me
takes a special person just to get a chance to know me
’cause i don’t associate with those dudes below me
owe me nothing if you my brother it’s handled
david hit me told me if i need the money for the project i got it it ain’t even a gamble
he know we gon’ make the money back over handfuls
i got anthems in my throwaways i pass them to the homies just to give them boys a sample
i tell ’em this just something real light, when i drop the real tape, they ain’t gon’ know how to handle
the candle they hold to me it ain’t even a flame
i got flamethrowers gassed up and they ready to aim
i let ’em spread like cali, mountaintops to valleys
i ain’t satisfied till it’s crack in an alley
back in finale, i am the curtain closer
the encore receiver, the face of the poster
i’m her boo thang and you the dude who knows her
they say i’m heating up but i prefer to say i’m colder
my whip been colder, my life be polar
your time is over, you dudes is older
talk about next up, ain’t a dude who’s closer
city on shoulders, love me like sosa
hold up, as god as my witness
i’m going on a decade long run on you b+tches
this ain’t even supposed to be the first project
i just dropped it cause i had something to drop b+tch