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​dolleater - porcelain, matryr me lyrics


waste my life, embarassing, don’t uu dare look at me
in the garden bury me, haunt her scary dreams im freddy

porcelain flesh, worthless
broken doll, im useless
is it even worth it?
i can’t bare the torture

black rabbit still beckons me
insects crawling in my skin
slice my veins swollen & red
feel possessed like evil dead

swamps of sadness swallow me
i can drag uu down with me
uu poured the blood all over me
they treat mе like an alien

skin my body, martyr me
want to hеar what i see?
owls arent what they seem to be
u won’t find out who murdered me

said “no dream’s ever just a dream”, i swear i’ll tell u everything
i’ve come undone at the seems, pyrex princess bells still ring
be my graveyard sweetheart, kiss ur cold lips under stars
i want to sink in ur bodyparts, they’ll find ur skull hung in my yard

twisted morbid freakshow, altar of dark carnival
sink my t++th into ur head, eat u liek a cannibal
++++ ur pretty skellington, they watch us at ur funeral
write thy name down in my book, do uu want to live delicious?

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