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domo genesis – daily news lyrics


daily news
(feat. sp-ceghostpurrp, earl sweatshirt & action bronson)

[verse1: domo genesis]
my flow is crispy, hundred dollar bills
i tend to not care how n-gg-s feel
say what the f-ck i want, b-tch i’m ill
keep it real, i ain’t feeling you n-gg-s i’m killing you n-gg-s
mentally rich before i sign a deal on you n-gg-s
i get it crackin, while you n-gg-s all rapping in whack fashion
i’m calling n-gg-s’ numbers on action that’s kat stack-ing
track hacking, cutting slack that can’t happen
any cat easing up on the plan, ya man scratching
i ain’t parler-ing with these rap n-gg-s
i’m in the spot, rolling pot getting plots to get my racks bigger
any feature, on sight doms attack n-gg-
taking champagne to the brain like f-ck it, bad n-gg-
play your lane i’ll be speeding down the runway
n-gg- keep it raw like wrestling on monday
chest out, not giving a f-ck to what a punk say
i know some hood n-gg-s like ross that’s with the gunplay

[hook: earl and action]
stay tuned, six goonies in a whip
straight hoochie only blew me cause i’m rich
sh-t, we swerve ships
medicine that burns lips, earn chips
she only blew me cause i’m rich
where he at? [x4]
in your city where them n-gg-s carry gats
sperrys kicked up, it’s a ferry cruise
f-ck around, leave your family on the daily news

[verse 2: sp-ceghostpurrp]
i be the don, believe me
making your girl tease me
pitch-black lokes i dedicate it to easy
pocket full of cheesy same color luigi
dead presidents, the resident is breezy
funky is a fall i ball and call shots
in your girl’s spot like cars in parking lots
the block stay hot like floridian weather
thinking that it’s not? then try dying in leather
better yet, ninja turtle i’m the shredder
attacking every rapper with my shadow black reaper
keep her, creeper, kidnap you from the cipher
eliminate compet-tors, the verbal lyric sniper
phonk kill you, then i kill you too
thinking and drinking and tweaking like purrp is that dude
mysterious i’m killing the game so f-ck the fame
confusing rappers with the mystical maze
to make them lame