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domo genesis – no idols lyrics


no idols
(feat. tyler, the creator)

[verse 1: tyler the creator]
ladies and gentlemen, wolf hay and domo gen in this b-tch
i mean the building, we came with planes and two taliban kids
some gasoline, me and doms, we’re two talented kids
b-tch, i’m back like my jump on jimmy fallon’s ribs
think i give a f-ck? axes get to hackin’ at d-cks
then toss salads while you swallow you a gallon of j-zz
man this rap sh-t is borin’, this tourin’ is tearing me a new -sshole
i’m not even enjoyin’ the fruits of my labor
that’s cause i’m up ’til four in the morning recording, f-ck it
if you think i’m a d-ck, you b-tch then why don’t you, shove it
up your f-ckin’ -ss, i mastered this sh-t like i’m, grudman
cuban chain tucked cause you know i don’t like, stuntin’
but since we’re on the subject, i’m good bruh it’s, nothin’
lettuce in my pocket, salty n-gg-s need to, catch up
you’re full of bologna if you do not think my, bread’s up
but let us get this cheese, you musta heard rella
never mind, you don’t even like sandwiches fella
and i’m still f-ckin’ hungry, that’s probably cause i’m african
domo thanks for giving me the gift to wanna rap again
actually, f-ck this, adult swim pays good
loiter squad season two, b-tch i wanna act again

uno, dos, tres, quatro [x8]

[verse 2: domo genesis]
liftin’ up like the collar of kanye on college dropout
to be honest, when i drop it i’m knockin’ the whole block out
off the gl-ss, even when it look good i still box out
b-tch regardless, i’m the hardest, pullin’ all of the stops out
smellin’ like success, leave the room i bet it linger
word slinger, oh it’s itchin’ i’m fixin’ the trigger finger
i don’t get respect it’s like somebody gotta die tonight
type to hit my special five times in a t-tle fight

[verse 3: tyler the creator]
six in the morn, asthma flared and there’s snot in my nose
the needle got me sick, whatever robotussin will get it
i’mma dragon, i speak portuguese and spanish
i drive a wagon, momma said that i could be anything that i imagine
i wanna be successful by the age of twenty-one
cause twenty-three’s too late, i’m done
i wool-knitted this purse and bullsh-tted this verse
but lucky enough the d-ck-riders will still go berserk
it’s no idols, n-gg-
domo genesis

[verse 4: domo genesis]
i got the game toe-touchin’ like it’s pigeon-toed
put the homies on and flip it like reciprocals
listen yo, quit the b-tchin’, why you timid?
i got this sh-t controlled, boy i be the illest feel it in my soul
for all you know i’m ultimate soldier type, it’s a horror story
reason you feelin’ worried, cause i’m the poltergeist
i’m the evil thought that’s approachin’ ’em on the coldest nights
so when they ask me if i’m ’bout to kill ’em, tell ’em, “show you’re right”
i got my focus right as you could f-ckin’ see now
plannin’ for my spot, make you forget it like you senile
doc-ment my awesomeness cause i don’t like to freestyle
i like to hit the dougie while she suckin’ on my penile
domo genesis, what i tell them b-tches i’m finished with
spit the sickest sh-t, don’t put them tickets on your christmas list
get a glimpse of this probably make you go out and slit your wrists
sh-t, watch these n-gg-s just spaz on some schizophrenic sh-t
no idols

our boy al, everybody’s pal