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don trip – creed’s first birthday lyrics


practice what the f+ck you preachin’
mr. trip is at the office, bring more bucks to reach him
shootin’ from all over the court, time to adjust your defense (dtdakidd)
my life’s a movie, christopher wallace presents (beat those drums)
the greatest show on the planet, get me some dough, then i vanish
my wife a ballerina how she tiptoe on that granite
cold as marble floors, all i had was hope, i made it cross the road
movin’ like a motherf+ckin’ trucker, never lost a load
lost a lot of friends and family too, but never lost my soul
all your dogs workin’ with the laws, call ’em paw patrol
if it hit the fan, you gotta know i got an +rs+nal
and i’m spinnin’ like a fork inside a pasta bowl
n+ggas saw me next in line and ran to lock the door
took all the furniture and piled it up to block the door
you look awfully suprised, well, so am i
my plan was to trap you all inside and set that b+tch on fire
i love it when a plan comes together, young fella
i take the paper and cut it up forever, i’m a shreder
cut it up and hand a piece to everyone that’s with me
it costs a quarter brick to take my kids to walt disney
probably wouldn’t even be alive if i was kid+free
for them, my heart melts like a motherf+ckin’ grilled cheese
still steppin’ with the weapon like a drill team
twelve tapes and countin’, look at that, i’m on a k!llstreak
i say i’m sharper than a guillotine
and a funeral’s the only time i rode in limousines
anything worth havin’ is worth the risk
ain’t nothin’ more satisfyin’ than kids unwrappin’ gifts
i give more than i get, but i guess it’s because i’m gifted
and i got nothin’ listed on my wishlist
i don’t believe in luck and i never been one to wish
but i just wish my son creed could’ve met his uncle rick
that’s it
word to pif
long live pif
(i just wish my son creed could’ve met his uncle rick)
(dtdakidd), yeah
(beat those drums)

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