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dr. buzzard's original savannah band - new york at dawn lyrics


[verse 1]
new york at dawn
you bon vivant
i should be in my room
you got me chasing moonlight

[verse 2]
new york at dawn
you bon vivant
you send me on a binge
throw caution through the window

[chorus 1]
hideaways and promenades
and “may i take you home?”
cigarettes and cool coquettes
and disconnected phones
lucky, i guess
they call you mister lucky

[verse 3]
new york at dawn
you bon vivant
you powder up my nose
then put me on the clothes line
[chorus 2]
plaza suites and sleepy streets
and melancholy skies
broken hearts and other parts
silly little taxi+cab goodbyes
lucky, i guess
so you say you’re mister lucky

you’re like the late late show
perfect for lazy romance

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