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dr dre – under pressure lyrics


under pressure
(feat. jay-z)

[dr dre]
the long-awaited detox, trick
’cause maybe i don’t wanna stop, maybe i don’t wanna quit
maybe i like hoes, maybe i don’t want a wife, maybe i’m psycho
maybe i’m crazy, maybe i’m strapped right now, just maybe
maybe it’s a relapse, maybe i’m high right now, where the weed at?
maybe this is er, maybe i’m a real doc and this is cpr
maybe we need to breathe some life in this sh-t
maybe we are the life of this sh-t
… maybe i’m just crazy (crazy)
what they say? (what they say?)
sak pase (sak p-sse)
nap boule (nap boule)

dre, i think i need my sponsor
i’m just outta contro-o-ol
maybe i got hoes, every little city i go, like paco
we tryna grow, but i just can’t seen her
i’m havin’ trouble cleanin’ up, i’m like fema
all these little haters got me back with the nina
got me bringin’ guns to work, gilbert arenas
unh, i don’t know if it’s the goose talkin’
but you know they say the liquor get your truth talkin’
maybe i should be somewhere in the group talkin’
i’m addicted to coupes and takin’ roofs off ’em
i’m addicted to watches, heckler and koches
them bow-legged girls from the projects
it’s bed-stuy in this b-tch (bed-stuy!)
dre, what’s up? (it’s westside over here)
i’m in this party, i’m up to no good
and i should be duckin’ these clubs, tiger woods

[dr. dre]
i smoke (i smoke)
i drink (i drink)
i’m supposed to stop, but i can’t
n-gg-, don’t ask why (ask why)
i get high (i get high)
i’m just livin’ my mo’f-ckin’ life
so what? i’m drunk (i’m drunk)
and i’m a weedhead (weedhead)
and i’ma treat every day like the weekend
headfirst off the deep end
yeah, you know what’s happenin’
i’m just relapsin’.