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dracul – a persona in control lyrics


[verse] :
introduce the bad guy named haidar alli
f+ckin’ alcoholic, wide mind lotta rhymes comin’ outta sp+ce like an astronomic
take it back to the 90’s like the chronic
spittin’ venomous lyrics like a f+ckin’ +rs+nic

psychotically receiving hyperbolic romantic
a diabolic drug addict, perceive sh+ts psychedelic
i’m a nemesis the irony to these big iconic sh+ts
give em’ a convict outfit a chain bounded like some ice they used to conceit

i can’t see it why? all the vision was blurred
i’ll be sippin’ zé got the b+lls to state fact like jay
most of you just barkin’ like a stray dog while i eat you like a wolf
you still ain’t a type of my prey i don’t give a f+ck who gon’ hate

cause the world’s mine till the judgment day
glad to hear you chumps are using armor
you defend, i offend. my flow cracks you like a sledgehammer
the next is medic is what you need to but you already in 6 feet deep listenin’ scripture

[interlude] :
vlad was in me, i’m crazy enough so don’t tease me
i don’t need b+tches ‘cause i already got mina rot inside my f+ckin’ body
i’m the black rose in the middle of wilted daisies
i’m the motherf+ckin’ original in the world full of copies
[verse] :
here i go with a blindfold walkin’ like psycho with a blunt rolled hanged on my mouth
might get your five hoes eyes rolled but that’s not really what i want
blow a smoke, that’s how they call me a smoke bomb
my flow’s streaming? no! detonate like tsar bomba

burst all these hoes, organs and heart explode
the clothes ripped off like i told em dirty jokes
my mind state was broke, deeper than just a broken bone
i solve sh+ts by my own all alone while other motherf+ckers were moan

i growns up by the pain, burned by the propane heated up my vein
got me addicted i would smoke it everyday like cocaine
turned me into a different bad man
not to sound vain, sh+t was real. life isn’t like what you think when you’re feelin’ chill

it’s like dealin’ with natural born k!llers, forge the mental till made you the realest and illest
the meanest pressure brings you the best closure
f+ck the past cause i’m a mess cursed and blessed would stab her ass in the class
got her body slashed i’ll be gone with a mask

[interlude] :
what the f+ck is going on with my f+ckin’ mind?
(indistinct voices whispering)
(ești mort înăuntru)
(te voi ajuta să ucizi)
who the f+ck are you? stop whisperin’ sh+ts over my ear man what the f+ck!?
(ajuta+ma, help me)
[verse] :
leavin’ no witness. she’s in a bodybag with her face eyeless
a masked misogynist with a careless heart
d+mn i woke up by the sounds of h+ll hounds bark
i was in a set of vlad’s red cape

i impaled this game with my lyrical content cause i’m a f+ckin’ insane
do i need to socialize? but i’ve just slaught a guy so what am i? the 2 hammer 1 guy?
you look alive but just a lie, a parasite, and i’m not alike
i still remain calm, playin’ harm

dead silence walking footprints
confuse these who abuse me, contraction in a movement
till i conquer this evil empire like michael myers
that guarded by vampires who suck blood and breathing h+llfire

man get the f+ck outta my rhymes!
who the f+ck are you!?

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