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drake – yamaha mama lyrics


yamaha mama
(feat. chris brown)

listen girl, you so bad and you single
what’s this i hear, we ain’t met yet
my name drake and i’ma take the world over, this my year
this i swear, had my share of women that i been with
i’m young, can you blame me
i know you feel like a lot of things off limits
at least let me describe what it can be
be faithful, i do that, not really baby girl
i’ll do that
cause everybody break up when the cake up
we can be the couple that’ll never go through that
yeah and if we’re ever falling off
i swear i’ll remind you that we’re not who they are
now all i really gotta do is find you
where you at?

[chris brown – chorus]
from the east to the west, scream for me if your my number one lady
take a lead in the race you can go fast speed it up for me baby
i’ma a g, whats next? one night with me would drive you crazy (crazy)
one night with me would drive you crazy.
starters are you ready, take your marks and get steady
you know that its about to get heavy
cause shes a rider (a rider)
my yamaha mama [x4]
aye aye

tell me how i locate you
i know satellites are a breakthrough
but they don’t really lead me straight to
and i gotta arrive ‘fore somebody take you
know there’s someone you don’t mean a lot to
and you would hate to know that i got you
i even got a speech in my head that write
and recite at the moment i spot you
hey there, your name is?
i like that, it suits ya
i’m young but i’m different
i’m not what your used to at all
if we stop at the same red light
i’ma celebrate the fact that i found you girl
and i’ma ride for ya too as soon as it turn green
wanna hear from all my ladies from around the world
where you at?

[chris brown – chorus]

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