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drakkar – the matrix lyrics


so many times in the past
i have been hearing
this word i don’t understand:
what is the matrix?
the quest is over today
cause the answer
came right to me in the shape
of morpheus

bridge 1:
tell me what should i do
to get freedom of mind
for it’s better to die for the truth
than to live in a lie

i can’t believe what i see
is this the real world?
can i be their chosen one
to end this evil?
about the matrix i had
this revelation:
the only limit is my

bridge 2:
maybe i’m not the one
i don’t think he is right
but i won’t let my friend die for me
not without any fight!

now i know and i’m not afraid
for a new world is starting today
now the secret has been unveiled
i’m the one who will ease all the pain

bridge 1