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dramab2r – fast as hell lyrics


dadon got that b-ss
mm, mm

drop out
[?] let the pole blow
he catch 8 from the ocho
[?] tried to shoot while he movin’ like a gopro, nope (d-ckhead)
i’ma hit a lick before i go poor
but that’s somethin’ that these n-gg-s know, though (yup)
i done sold weed, i done sold c-ke
i’d sell it all before i go broke (sell it all)
new sneaks, saint laurent
sold the work to her like she ain’t my aunt
had to weigh the money like i can’t count (can’t count)
only been an hour and i smoked the ounce (smoked the ounce)
d-mn, this sh-t gas as h-ll (gas as h-ll)
hop in the whip, it’s fast as h-ll (fast as h-ll)
just sold a brick, it’s my fastest sale (fastest sale)
still stackin’ chips, got clientele, for real (for real)
first ’til the first, i sell
used to hit the park with percs to sell (how many you need?)
uh, n-gg-s sell they self short (yeah)
then they go and sell they soul (d-mn)
n-gg-s quick to tell on they self
see a bad b-tch, i can’t help myself (nope)
f-ck that b-tch once, kick her to the curb
back to the street, i got packs in the mail, like uh (got packs in the mail)
that’s the main reason that my heart cold (my heart cold)
color lean, color purple, no harpo (no harpo)
[?] come sealed with the bar code (whew)
got the bank on me now, wells fargo, yeah (whew)
n-gg-s think they know me, but they don’t, though (nope)
i be in the hood where they won’t go
b-tch, i’m good in the hood, and you ain’t, though (no good)
n-gg-s sweet in these streets, they rainbows (whoa)
rainbows (whoa)
30 clip on me and it hang low (whoa)
n-gg-, we could shoot it out, close range, bro (yuo)
n-gg-, you can’t take percs for this pain, bro (nope)
h-ll no, h-ll no (h-ll no)
yeah, i stay strapped like velcro (strapped)
i just wanna eat with my team, bro (facts)
stackin’ up cheese, gettin’ green, bro
h-ll yeah