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draxsen – my woman my wife lyrics


[verse 1]
hands that are strong but wrinkled
doing work that never gets done
hair, that’s lost some of the beauty
by too many hours in the sun
eyes, that show some disappointment
and there’s been quite a lot in her life
she’s the foundation i lean on, my woman, my woman, my

[verse 2]
everyday has been uphill,
we climb but we can’t reach the top
i’m weak and i’m easily discouraged
she just smiles when i want to stop
lips that are weary but tender
with love, that strengthens my life
a saint, in a dress made of gingham, my woman, my woman,
my wife

[verse 3]
when she reaches that river
lord, you know what she’s worth
give her that mansion up yonder’
cause she’s been through h-ll here on earth
lord, give her my share of heaven
if i’ve earned any here in this life’
cause god, i believe she deserves it, my woman, my woman
my wife