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dreamcast mcfly – atlantis lyrics



start from scratch like an architect
yes! go sweat the technique, i’m jet li
on a jet ski that just means when i kick it
shit gets deeper than the ocean, frankly
i’m only open to us
cause serena went to venus and she roamed around with remus
and i seen it on your screening
eating peanuts with athena
am i dreaming
cause the way that i’m blowing up is leaning toward bulimic
no amputee, so i never been defeated
even if i did i win cause
i’m speaking with a meaning inside another meaning
beside my other demons that i let
frolic on a page
i’m haunted with a rage
as iconic as my name
see my logic isn’t sane
you call it entertain..
though its meant for me
pardon your discrepancies
your density’s incredibly shallow wallow in my perplexity
that set me free now the skies filled with clemency
take the ecstasy readily
the world ain’t set for me, just let me breath


just let me breathe x4


utopian schematics of aquatic
citizens dividends splitting them sporadically
no appeasing the people
the dreamer will lead you, crystal
now we really need you to twiddle
i’m keen to
riding waves with poseidon night and day
blinded from the light at bay
saw a creature white and grey
the beast who sleeps deep beneath
on the floor of the sea, never to be seen or..
so it seems it
slowly creeps only underneath the construction
waiting to…
reemerge on the brink of destruction
ready to protect if we get into something
my team had been hunting
davie jones’ chest yes!
european pirate gold all up on my neck
that i got from a shipwreck
most would cash in for a big check but not i
aye aye
will proceed to decease in a suit, call it tie die
barnacle boy drives by in his
invisible boat
almost out of gas cause
his -ss just came from another coast and we…