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drkblu – abyss lyrics


days will get harder
life will get harder
everything hurts

a nod in your eyes
the look of an alien
into this world oh
dig up a hole
abandon all reasons

cease to exists in your body and mind
giving up into the void of your heart, oh
wander through the air of a loveless night
look into the noon of a hopeless life

noise will get louder
breeze will come harder
i see her face
it’s over the glass now
voices of children
eager for life, the+
universe spins
at the speed of light

eyes that watch up to+
clouds that fill in the+
sky that rains into+
blood that flows through your+
mind that dreams with the+
hope that aches for the+
freedom that you don’t+
have to go again

look for sense in the+
life that goes away
need for happiness
watch for your mistakes
tryna get some rest
through the lies of the+
people dreamin’,
so hold yourself into

take a pill to bed
go to work again
swallow whole your pride
try hard not to cry
say goodbye to your+
friend just passed away
present tense is all
all i’ve got today

love that won’t return
time to let it go
put your hands back+
into your head, just there
throw the key away
doubting of your faith
here, come back again
let u understand