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dua lipa – bad together lyrics


know you’re bad for me, but you know i am too
me and you together like a loved up bruise
i’ll make you an offer that you can’t refuse
baby, you’re okay
baby, you’re okay
no, you won’t, won’t go breaking my heart
you’ve seen that we got the same pain, same scar
felt that when we got closer in the dark
baby, i’m okay
baby, i’m okay

baby, when, when you’re far away
i promise you i’ll be good
i guess we’re misunderstood
so baby, please, don’t hear what people say
’cause i’ve heard things ’bout you too
makes me know that i’m for you

oh, no, i don’t care what’s been done here before me
i don’t give a d-mn, just as long as you care
’cause, baby, i’ve been bad, but the heavens forgave me
you don’t need to ask ’cause i’m already there
let’s be bad together, baby, you and i
let’s be bad together, if only for a while
let’s be bad together, make the devil smile
let’s be bad together, let’s be bad together, ooh yeah