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dueke – for the fam lyrics



for the fam for the fam
i will do everything
for the fam for the fam
no limit godd-mn

i go hard 4 the fam
don’t try to f-ck with the legacy
stay away from the bloodline
i’m the realest in the whole town

vers 1:

n-ggz talking bout some wack sh-t
but i’m talking bout some real sh-t
2018 n-ggz gonna die
cuz i’m gonna do the realsh-t

i’m gonna make my own moves
don’t ask cuz it’s private
n-ggz tryna play in my team
no place on the team bench

be quiet
i make my own beats
i cook it up cook it up cook it up
produce and mix and mastering
i work hard 4 the family

i go hard 4 my mama
i go hard 4 my sister
i go hard 4 my brothers
i go hard 4 my fam



vers 2:

for the fam
i would k!ll, i would die
i‘m a k!ller , i‘m a beast, homicide
unified we the best, verified we the best

keep it 100 yeah loyalty
love , blood and property
n-gga no joke, never go broke is the only one goal for the fam