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dumb talk – sliced white lyrics


[verse 1]
all of my friends swap out their faces in the depth of my back seat
i’ve got what seems to be my best girl sitting silently next to me
the grid has dividing lines of my mind
where my thoughts begin to meet
it’s funny how things work out in the innocence of my sleep

and i’ve been there
and i’ve been scared
not in control of what is mine
what’s mine
what’s mine

[bridge] x2
thought that i was left alone

[verse 2]
well, i’m right back in the same place
right back, something i have seen
we visit some friends i know are fake
revisit blank black band shirt t’s
the chords have been divided
where my mind’s thoughts begin to leave
swallow caps, grow in and out, strangers, relief

[hook 2]
i’ve not been here
i’ve not been here
not in control
but i’ll be fine
i’ll be fine

[outro] x4
melt it all away