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duncecap – definitely lyrics


verse 1 – elucid

verse 2 – duncecap
alright dog d-mn… i get it your cool and dope
i just wanted see if your coming through to the stu or no
cause i’m really out here like ‘buzz me in dude i’m cold
i got bud light limon and a burned cd i’m on’
i’m so impressive, and dog you’re so impressive
i should have got the message when you never sent a text
and then that beat you never checked it
you escaped into the green room at that show way out in texas
fire inspector metrics how you always check the exits
the conversion deaded, i’m just tryna eat man
“not at your phone” but see you flexin that tweet hand
wait come back! i promise i’m not a complete stan
“i’ll keep it on the dl if you download my ep fam”
oh god , another bridge burned to that dream job
i’ll never ‘mount to anything or win a super cool award
tell me what you think before you go to pee – he’s gone

verse 3 – quelle chris