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dutch rebelle – i know lyrics


i know not to ever mix ends with the envious
all them fake sistren bet its strenuous
smoke in my system, continuous
twisted flows even bekham couldn’t bend with this
know a lot about pleasure, more about pain
i know about losses know about gain >>
came from the rebel island
low dough still i know about whips, know about chains
been double trouble since phil & lil
funny how they feel alive when they feel the steel
but from where i come from getting meals is real
where little kids will k!ll, so get up out my grill
with all that i be packing heat sh-t, seat quick
they ain’t really on that creep sh-t
jeans fitted and my cap too, had the graduation cap too
but that’s hardly what they clap to
they want the raps, they just want the facts
all these little hood rats they just want the traps
clown u for ya thirst if u see me as a snack
i’m a homemade dinner (you can) throw away the scr-ps
i know this ain’t real life can’t imagine what it feels like
high but you never on them real flights
wheelie’d on them real bikes, i be rocking real mics
real tight but my b-lls got me ducking real dikes
real n-gg-s yelling ig posting real likes
real life…. can’t imagine what it feels like
i was in the mud now im wrestling, words like a weapon
put you b-tches in a full nelson
know that i shoulda been left, my city so stressed
they say that ima been the one to fix it
cause i never ever let em p-ss no blitz
gotta make it hard for these broads no spritz
i’m gon’ need it all no splits, never mind tricks need flips/ f-ck a fish fest need chips
these chicks only hope is olivia pope
but im out for presidents no fitz
so, my att-tude like what the f-ck is up
i got these island girls c-cking they b-mper trucks
and you keep talking trash, i got the dumpster trucks
it’s gon be extra extra if enoughs enough
but i’m one with the breezes
island girl st–zes, pull up with some vietnamese’s
cop a nice plate full of grapes and some cheeses
don’t care who i pleases, dutchy been a goddess oh jesus!
never mix ends with the envious
all them fake sistren bet its strenuous
smoke in my system, continuous
cuz all i know is ill never know the end to this