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dwele – lay it down lyrics


doo dooooo doo dooooo doo dooooo doo dooooo [x2]

lay it down (down) on me (down) on me, (down) on me [x2]

[verse 1]
i find it hard to believe someone as beautiful (as beautiful)
inside, as well as physical, would hold back something so emotional (so emotional)
just let it go, and lay it down
and enjoy yourself if only for the night
just leave it because a new day tomorrow will bring
we will leave no void this moment can’t replace

so just,

lay it down (down) on me (down) on me, (down) on me [x2]

[verse 2:]
if i had one wish, it would be that i could spend more time with you
and live in your aphrodisiality, so that we could do things lovers do (lovers do)
if i could, you know i, give my love
no need to worry about what time it is (worries none)
you’ll find my-self to be available, so that i could know exactly what it is

lay it down (down) on me (down) on me, (down) on me [x4]

lay it down,
you should never ever, let lost love get the best of you, just (lay it down)
one man’s loss is this mans gain
won’t you lay down your pain and breath (lay it down)
i- i got what you need
if you ever feel the need to (lay it down)
it’s your world if only for one night, it’s for you so baby won’t you…

come here lady lay it down, let your soul be down,
ii-i’m gonna give you peace of mind [repeat to fade]