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dxr & vale-smith – ja wick lyrics


oh my god
oh my god
oh my god
aah, aah, aah
ah, ah, ah, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
ah, ah, yeah, yeah, ooh, ooh, ooh, ah
oh my god
oh my god
oh my god
oh my god

came in here with a stick
ja morant hit your ass with a gun
ain’t no laser b+tch, i hit your ass like a pacer, bruh
yeah my heart don’t stop, i ball like dame, i’m a blazer bruh
f+cked that lil b+tch here, and now she do not give a f+ck

shoot my shot
see a fine b+tch and i shoot my shot
she tell me i look disgusting
why, why, why
yeah baby girl, i know you bi+bi+bi
hit your ass just like i’m future baby, bye+bye+bye
purple rain up in these streets
i sip my cup, it all on me
ain’t no styrofoam, cause when i sip that sh+t i go to sleep
i’m geeked up in this sh+t baby, i had to quit smoking weed
cause my lungs they burning up and i was bout to go to sleep for life, life
i just do the oil now, i walk it through the stripe
pop into houston b+tch, yeah, i get ‘round some
chicken with the taki, i feel like young thug, i piled up
ain’t no buffalo, no westside gunn, i pick it up
i feel like a pick up game, i’m balling, b+tch so what
b+tch so what
yeah i’m balling, b+tch so what
what you know bout me, the only thing is that i’m gone
what you know bout me, the only thing is that i’m gone
i can’t even get out of bed, that pain it hurt me, what

aw yeah
baby, yeah i’m off that sh+t again, uh yeah
i relapse one time and i’m like, i’m like, i’m like
i’m in here with a little b+tch
that don’t know me, and i get no little sh+t
i can’t get you off of the cigarettes
baby, yeah that nicotine ki+
i race with that b+tch up in that hummer truck
i don’t use the word b+tch in real life, but on a track so what?
aw, yeah, what they want from me now
i can’t get up on this track, dianne senile
no feinstein, cause i get it like a re+wild siwa
acting like she rihanna, liz tyler
yeah, b+tch so what
yeah i came in with a pistol, what
feel like ja morant on ig live i’m blazing up, yeah
feel like freddie gibbs, no indiana
can’t even get back bruh, i got my get back bruh
i came in with a stick, ja morant, hit you with a gun
up on ig live, got your heart racing, you pacing bruh
hit your ass with a laser like you eating at pizza hut
aah, aah, aah
hit your ass with a stick
ja morant, came in with a gun
flex that sh+t on ig live, lil b+tch, i don’t give a f+ck
i lose all my millions, b+tch, to do just what i want
acting like your ass was down, i hit that sh+t for what?

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