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dyl – basic lyrics



she can’t go to work without a starbucks
and she can’t even think without her iphone
leggings and them panties take them uggs off
selfies and the sushi on her tumblr!

verse 1:

i can’t even, like b-tch what is you meanin?
if you’re gunna have a thought, at least try to complete it
if you’re gunna act a thot can you please not be conceited?
don’t wanna see your dog, don’t care what you been eating
hair so thin like it’s already been straightened
forever 21, whole store in her bas-m-nt
whole story is basic like these b-tches that i base it off of
waterbottle filled to the top with the vodka
and she probably majors in dance
only gettin payment if she perkin up pants
then i came in she start twerkin her -ss
probably poppin i got impeccable swag
well look at me go on a roll she want froyo what do ya know
like what do ya think, thirsty -ss b-tch someone get ya a drink


verse 2:

some of the baes basic it could stay that way
a beautiful little fool just to play that safe
the best thing to do, like gatsby say
it mostly holds true in reality
but ignorance is bliss if you ask me
i’m so sad see
nothin gettin p-ssed me
money straight like fasb
keepin it all catchy
run it like an athlete
i can’t even, believe what they believe in
f-ck your horoscope, f-ck organic eatin
pretty little liars and a panic attack
you need a xanax for that
you too dramatic in fact
time to snap a selfie, and another selfie
valencia or x-pro, so lets go
pump spice latte or peppermint the mocha
she got a polaroid camera
what good is a polaroid camera?
take a picture of the picture
now its on twitter
for her sorority sisters you know she added a filter
straight after yoga she did a b-mp of the coca
she hit the mall and went to piercing pagoda
nipples and the cl-toris like she go to zona