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dylan bigsnap jackson – listen to your heart lyrics


[verse 1]

its all the about the rolleys
diamonds and them bands
haters only hating
man this shit will never end
trust n-body so no one knows shit
i go by b.i.g
and all i know is grind
ive been working till the morning
till the day i get signed
its biggy d-mn baby
what these haters getting blind
ive been grindin’ (what)
ive been shinin’ (what)
its biggy d-mn baby (what)
ive been rhyming


[verse 2]

stop motherf-cker
have a d-mn look
is that biggy baby
man he looks like captain crook
thats biggys new look

stop motherf-cker
read a d-mn book
title of the story
man never trust a d-mn crook
its biggy d-mn baby
man im high as shit
its biggy d-mn baby
man im fly as shit
ain’t got money
but im fly as shit
raping for to long
man im married to the grind
all i know is the hustle
the hustle and the flow
its biggy d-mn baby
man im tryna get that dough