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dylan tierney – from time(remix) lyrics


[verse 1: dylan tierney]
i’ve gone to places that i’ve never been
i told you i was a star sinner
you didn’t listen
now if you get hurt your gonna have to deal with it
i’m sorry for my f-cking sins
i just can’t help it
but you saw the hole and still fell in
and if this lasts ill take you to places you’ve never thought you’d see
i’m just happy you always thought of me
but i promise you i always f-ck my life up
it was time for my love to evolve
i’m sorry for always writing you off
i need some tough love
i’m just afraid to be hurt cuz push always comes to shove
and who am i to say what will be
its hard to think there’s a god cuz he ain’t ever blessed me
been looking in this book for the right recipe
if you love yourself enough for the both of us
then there’s some growth in us
i’ve seen my best friend loose his mind over a girl that wasn’t even worth it
funny thing is i fell in love with her cuz she portrayed as perfect
she broke my heart in two for some tall guy that wasn’t even workin’
she just wanted d-ck cuz she couldn’t stand bein’ a virgin
i gave her more the she deserved
shoulda known i was gonna be curved
i always asked what i did do
we talked about me
sh-t we talked about you
i guess we live in the same world but have a different view
i know i was always being pessimistic
but we always fought like we were the opposition
constant compet-tions
you woulda thought we were politicians
neat, never one to leave crumbs
i know you gon be mad when you look at the white house and see trump
anythings better then clinton
my dream ain’t to make a million, in a few years they gon be screamin’ dylan
so girl you’ve been played enough like a toy
who better for you then the boy huh